Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Part2 : Mirror.. Mirror.. on the wall, which is the best MLM company?

Dear readers, welcome back to my blog. I guess it’s time for me to continue part 2 of this series of article. As promised, in this section I will address common questions like the followings. How strong is the company? Does it have a good reputation and track record? Will it be there throughout my journey to achieve Financial Independence and Personal Freedom? Will the company grow with me?

These are all valid questions as we have seen many MLM companies actually turns out to be scam and many actually have been closed down. This is the worst thing to happen to anyone who has started an MLM business because not only they lost big amount of money but worst it ruins their dreams, integrity, reputation and self-esteem. And worst still, when this happens, it affects the reputation of the MLM industry as a whole.

So this makes it more important for readers who aspire to start an MLM business to really pay attention to this. By doing this, they can ensure that they put their money at the right company and also help the MLM industry to screen bad filthy scam company from thriving under the false pretext of helping others.

So now, after long introduction :) you may ask how do tell whether a company is really a good and real MLM company?

1. Check on the company legal status.

As with other legal business, an MLM company is also regulated under acts and policy. Meaning they must first registered as a company and acquire license before being allowed to operate. So this is the good start. Check with your local authority on the company registration and license to operate in your country. Also check in the internet whether the company owner or board of directors has any legal proceeding history. One good example here is the MLM scam company SkyBiz which is popular around late 90s.

2. Research on the company background and history.

Is the company established and has a good reputation and a proven history. It may be troublesome for you to go to its’ headquarter which is located in another part of the globe. One quick source is the company website itself. Normally they will put up a lot of relevant information. You can check on the award, recognition and certification it has won. Established body who grant the award and certification normally has an official site. So make sure you visit their site and validate the MLM company claim on awards bestowed on them by the granting body.

3. Find out the quality certification and insurance coverage

Apart of this, it will be a bonus if the MLM company has quality certification. By this I mean the ISO and QS standard. For your information one of the toughest ISO certification is ISO14001. This is only awarded to a company with ZERO market claims for 50 years! Is there any MLM company with this good reputation? There is! Check out the ISO site. Also, does the company have a strong insurance to back-up the product? Insurance company will only provide huge amount of coverage to the company that they trust. And if an insurance company trusts something, they sure have done lots of homework. You can count on their judgement.

4. Verify the MLM company commitment to stay in the business

Normally a scam company won’t bother to really invest. What they do is just setup one big center or headquarters or worst just operate on the net. Because once collapsed, they won’t burn that much of money plus it will be easier and faster for them to disappear. Recent good example of scam companies are the 12dailypro and the Swiss cash scheme. But a really good MLM company really plan for its growth. They will have proper offices and they are not afraid to invest if the growth prospect is good. So check out the MLM company’s headquarter at your local area and also find out their existing branches.

5. Validate company growth

If you are an effective employee, it will translate into your productivity. Similarly, if the company is really good, that is having a sound business model and good growth prospect; it will translate into good sales track record. Any legal public company must have their earning audited and published. So make sure you really validate the sales growth figure.

These 5 guidelines pretty much covered the company aspect of a good MLM company. But I must stress here, knowledge without application is a waste, hence before you make any decision to join an MLM company, please pause for a while and make sure you go through the guidelines above.

So far we have covered the market and the company, I’ll see you again in the next series of the article, i.e. the product. See you around and have a nice day :)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Mirror.. Mirror.. on the wall, which is the best MLM company?

I believe everyone who has understood the power of leverage concept in MLM and keen to operate an MLM business will almost likely ask these questions. Which is the best MLM company among hundreds of MLM companies out there? How to select the right MLM company? How do I know if they are genuine?

These are all a bit confusing for a start.. right?
Well not anymore, I'll help you to sort through, read on to find out the answer.

It's really important for you to know, while your effort is important to determine your success, what is most crucial is your choice. The right choice can determine between a failure and success.

In this article, I’ll briefly explain about six pillars that are necessary to ensure your success in MLM. These 6 pillars are the market, the company, the product, the marketing plan, the support system and the team. If you are able find the best in all these 6 pillars then success from your effort is almost certain.

The first is the market stage of the product. Why market stage is important because it determines the income potential and amount of effort that you have to put in your MLM business. It will be better for you if you’re in a promotion stage rather than in a retail stage.

If the products are already in a retail stage, chances are

1) You have to do hard selling.
2) You have to continuously looking for potential customers to convert them into business partners.
3) Because your business partners initially start as consumer you have to constantly educate and closely monitor and consistently motivate them as business owner.
4) The drop-out rate is normally high since they don’t have strong resilience, so you have to go through the vicious cycle step 2 & 3 again.
5) The profits you’re making from each sale are tiny.
6) Little or no product differentiation between you and competitor. There are abundant of similar products with almost similar features and same price available in the market.
7) You will find it hard to promote your product or share your business opportunity because almost everyone has been approached by similar MLM company.

Now, if you’re in the promotion stage,

1) You’re having the advantage of being the pioneer.
2) Market is new; less people have heard of similar product and there is very little or almost no competitor. To a savvy entrepreneur, this means a big opportunity as the market is fresh and abundance.
3) Your approach towards MLM is also different. You’re not into hard selling of the products rather you’re into building your network of business partners to position yourself before the product goes into retail stage.
4) You’re not focusing on converting customers to business partners; rather you’re identifying and qualifying a potential business owner to operate an MLM business. The advantage is you have time on your side and can better position yourself to share the business opportunity.
5) This means your network comprises of business-minded partners, who are more serious and naturally leaders by themselves, thus increasing your network success.

Yes the hardship for the pioneers is more, but the reward is also more. That’s why only few people dare to become the pioneers and that’s why only few people become really successful in the MLM.

But you may ask, how do I know which market stage the products are in?

We have seen MLM food supplement and water filter market started 20 and 10 years ago, respectively. If you were to join the MLM company that is selling this product then it’s more likely that you’ll be at a retail stage. Both food and water are basic human needs. However food supplement and water filtering only came into the picture as our world we live in becoming more polluted.

Do you realize that beside food and clean water, we have another need? We often take the air we breathe in for granted. Yet we need 13.5 kg of air daily compared to only 2 kg daily for water and 1 kg daily for food. It is also fast becoming polluted.

The need for clean air is real. It’s time we pay more attention to the air we breathe in as we spend about 80% of our time indoor with little air circulation. Poor circulated indoor air contains trapped dust, oils and other airborne particles which is conducive to the growth of bacteria and dust mites, which accounts for most of respiratory problems modern human face.

Given all these facts, could clean air be the next MLM opportunity?

Looking at a nation population of millions, coupled with modern lifestyle that requires us spending most of time indoors and with multiple source of air pollution; I can safely say that…

The clean AIR MARKET is surely a new market to watch for.
The clean AIR MARKET is a big fresh market
The clean AIR MARKET is the now and future market

Have you heard any MLM company promoting the clean AIR MARKET?

If you have heard about it, I strongly believe the opportunity is knocking your door.
The opportunity is NOW here.
You definitely don’t want to miss it.

If you haven’t heard of it, I strongly urge you to go and find out, go and
discover the big opportunity.

The next pillar, i.e. the company, will be explained in the second part of this article. It will address common questions like the followings. How strong is the company? Does it have a good reputation and track record?