Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mufti Johor syor kaji isu pelaburan menerusi Internet

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This post is intended as education regarding Islamic legality (halal) for my fellow business partners. However, you're welcome to read and comment as well.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Johore mufti, Datuk Noh Gadut will propose to National Fatwa Council to study Internet investment issue which is currently widespread before issuing fatwa to avoid more Muslims from being involved in the dubious investment scheme.

He said, a scrutiny is needed due to its vague modus operandi.

“Therefore, we ask those involved in this scheme to come forward to provide detail information or assist us with regard to this matter, they may be able to warn others should they come forward,” he said.

He said, Jabatan Kemajuan Islam (Jakim) can proceed an investigation to determine its’ legitimate.

Noh said, in his opinion, investment through internet is prohibited since there are several elements that can lead to things that are not legitimate (in Islam).

“It has elements of usury, gambling, vague, pyramid and quick-rich scheme as well as deception. We do not know where the profit comes from and if scrutinized the scheme offer business at the expense of other people money.

“There is no effort from oneself, rather, ones depend on other people money whereas in Islam a business must come from one’s effort.” he said.

Sunday Metro yesterday reported many moslems now are eager to become rich by investing in an Internet scheme without knowing that the profits they earned came from illegal source (from Islamic view i.e. haram).

Moreover there are few who quit their jobs due to the lucrative return of investment of 5 digits income which they earned only after few months investing in the Internet.

Prior to this, the Secretary of Syariah Advisory Councill for one of international islamic monetory institution, Zaharuddin Abdul Rahman, advised that the returns from such investment is haram.

Noh also advised those who involved to stop immediately and repent to Allah as well as those who promote and conduct the scheme.

"The earnings from this scheme can't be used and if one has already received it, s/he should surrender it to Baitulmal. If used, it will become one's blood dan bimbang ia membawa mudarat.

He said "It is stated in one of the prohet (pbuh) sayings, sesuatu yang disuburkan daripada benda yang haram, neraka adalah tempat yang paling layak,”.

Courtesy : Harian Metro - 19th March 2007

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