Monday, December 3, 2007

Success or making more excusses

Dear Friends,

I found the following article from website quite sometime ago and I forgot the source. Anyway, it's a good article to read.

Many people in life want to have more for themselves, whether is it money or more time freedom or a better relationship but they choose not to do anything about it. The chose to give excuses about not being about to do it and soon excuses became a part of their lifestyle.

Being successful in life in any aspect do not go hand in hand with having excuses for not doing so. If you want to achieve success, don’t even think about making excuses.

Here are some of the most common excuses you will hear in your network marketing business:

1) I want to make more sales BUT… I hate to talk to people.
2) I want go to training BUT… I have already meet my friends for a ball game.
3) I want to make more money BUT… I don’t wish to do anything.

I know the last example sounds crappy but it’s true! Almost 99% the time no one will admit that they are like that. They simply don’t want to do anything and still make money. Although they did not say it but their action says it all!

Which ever network marketing company that you are in, the success principle is still the same…


Step 2: TAKE ACTION (You know what actions to take)


So I’ll let you decide on which side of the game you want to be on… success or making more excuses?

To your MLM success,

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