Friday, December 14, 2007

To quit is really EASY

Dear Friends,

This post is intended as an education regarding rejection for my fellow business partners. However, you're welcome to read and post comments.

These are some experience and opinions that I get from someone who already quit. To be fair let me present our viewpoints as business partners. Read through the story then my thoughts follow after that.

Below is the story:

Why I quit?They maybe will tell people I quit because I gave up but actually just before I made decision to refund I managed to warm up 2 friends and I was very sure they will join but I quit before I bring them to the office. I quit because I felt uneasy with their activities and not sure whether the biz is 'halal' or not. I just can't imagine how my downlines will get mad at me if they are not able to get money from the biz which could break our friendship.So I'd better stop. I don't want to ruin my friendship with others.Why I say it is not advisable for muslim to join (a company name not disclosed)? First-they teach people to lie. When we invest, we will get rebate about $ X amount and they taught me to tell people that the $ X amount is my first income. Second- they encourage members to join the tea party usually at night about 9-10 pm. Where in Islam it is not good for women to hang out mixed with guys at night. At the tea party they will talk about the biz and show off that some of them have quitted their job and make much money to influence others who haven't joined. Third- There are other activities which I felt not comfortable with where they encourage the audience to scream, sing and dance to burn the 'semangat' in ourselves and to influence others.Before joining them I searched the internet and found this blog and felt afraid to join, but since I believe in my friend I ignored this blog. When I told them about this blog they said that they are failure people and don't follow them plus the blog owned by other group.People who are engrossed in the biz won't realize something is wrong in that biz because they are happy getting lots of money, but the ones who make decision to refund will understand the deceptions in this business.For those who are thinking to join, it's up to you to join or not, but make sure you think carefully and don't join to follow and believe your friend. Make sure you understand and read the company policy. The members will tell you that you are going to make lots of money if you join them but you have to work very hard. Imagine you come back from work, you are tired then you have to join their training @ tea party. When I joined their activities I usually went back home at about 11-12 midnight and the next day I have to wake up early and go to work again. Usually if I came back home late at night the next day I always got drowsy at office and neglect my job. Just imagine how tired I was. I also had to neglect my time with my baby. I went to work while my baby was still sleeping and when I came back from their activities my baby already slept. You also have to contact your friends just to give them clue that you are doing a good biz and hoping they will join you. I am just sharing my experience, it's up to you to join or not, if you think you will love their activities, pls proceed.

First, Ustaz Zahar didn’t specifically point to any MLM as non-halal, but he did give guidelines. One of them is if it does not involve product, the income source is vague. In this business, every business partners are aware where their income from, that is commision upon product transaction. Every business partners is actually a marketing agent who earns their income through commission from product transaction. The product transaction occurs when a person who is presented with the business opportunity and agrees to run this business buys a Franchise from the company. To become a Franchisee, the person is required to buy product from the company. This is similar to other Franchise system whereby the Franchisee is required to buy products from the parent company. Taking commision as an agent in product transaction is legal like when your broker or car salesman earning their commission.

Second, Nobody is going to get mad to anyone because in this business every business partners are responsible for his/her own business.
We are our own business owner.
All business has risk, when we started this business we are aware of the rewards and also the risk and also what are required in order for us to be successful like others before us.
If we are waiting for our up line to bring us money, this is not businessman mindset, this is employee mentality!!! The team is here to help us succeed together as a team. With great system & group support, it has been proven many times that we can also be successful.

Third, What do we discuss when we meet in tea party? In our group we have straight rules, no hanky panky; we come here for business purpose, plain and straight.

Fourth, In order to be successful, we have to sacrifice certain things and it’s not like forever. In this business we invest +/- 1 year to really give all out and make many sacrifices in order to get better life. If we understand this, then our excuses stand no where. If we quit then our life will be the same like now for the next 5, 10, 15.. etc years. To quit is really easy. Because it’s easy to use our excuses to justify our actions.

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