Friday, December 14, 2007

Will your EGO get you Rich?

A lot of people are looking for opportunity to change their life for a better,
to be financially independent, but when they are presented with it,
they refuse to grab the opportunity because it does not suit their ego.

But if they are really honest, what is the odd that their EGO will get them Rich?

These are some of their inputs.

MLM? Network marketing/distribution? Not for me! This is not a business for me.

For me a true business owner is when you have to take care of your business cash flow
and your company account, advertise, market and promote your products.

For example, business titans like Donald Trump, Mokhtar AlBukhary and KFC founder
who really works hard to grow his business.

To me a true business is when customers come to you and not you are finding customers,
when you promote your products to customers.

What is your role in MLM? Do you do all that?

First, network marketing/distribution is a legal business, recognized by governments
all over the world who issue license as in other form of legal business.

Opening up your own premise and taking care of all things by yourself is the way
of conventional business concept.
Network marketing does not require all those because network marketing utilizes
leverage concept which is off course different than conventional business.

Second, what’s the odd of becoming successful following the wisdom of
conventional business, the way of business titan?

1 in a millions?

As an analogy, there are many ways to cross the river i.e. swimming,
hop in the ferry, drive through the bridge, etc. One is faster, easier and safer than another.

Why do you want to take the hassle swimming across the river when you have better options?

Just for the sake of your EGO?

You may get tired and drown, all for the sake of your EGO.

Or worst still, you may not even try to swim across the river because you know that you are not capable.

Since network marketing is available as a legal mean to do business, utilize it!

Third, time change. The way people do things also changes overtime.

It's not the cleverest or the strongest that will be successful, but..
The one who is willing and ready to change.

Imagine you'd decided to become traders at the time when barter trade had been established and monetary transaction was just being introduced as the way to do business.

What would happen to you and your business if you insisted on the barter way and denounced monetary transaction???

Fourth, if network marketing/distribution concept was introduced much earlier, probably the late Lim Goh Tong, been a savvy businessman with foresight, would have adopted it as well.

Even billionaires like Bill Gates and Donald Trumps and renowned financial independence guru Robert Kiyosaki publicly endorse and recognize network marketing / distribution concept.

Do you think your business mindset is much wiser than them???

Donald Trumps in one of the Jay Leno late night show was asked if he was broke, what kind of business he would do to raise up again.

He answered with confidence – network marketing - .

The audience booed him. He stood up and told the audience

“That’s why you’re down there and I’m up here!”

Got it?

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